The rigging company in Montreal

Founded in 2007, our company specializes in rigging and technical installations for the movie and entertainment industry

Top of the line equipment

Maintenance and inspection of equipment is rigorously performed between projects.  Our wide range of rental equipment will surely satisfy even the highest of standards.

Security is our priority

For the safety of everyone involved with your project, we offer an array of options including the rental and installment of life lines and safety fences; as well as the inspection of harnesses and lanyards.


-Rental and installation of various rigging equipment
-All forms of overhead work
-Autocad designs
-Installation of vertical and horizontal life lines as well as faller arrests
-Safety barriers and handrails
-Rental and inspection harnesses
-Repair and maintenance of existing infrastructures
-Temporary catwalks
-Lighting grids
-Various forms of scaffolding
-Mechanical and chemical anchor systems


All our employees are well trained and carry various, relevant competency cards and certifications.

General first aid with CPR

Our employees are trained in the entertainment technician certification program (ETCP)

Advanced fall protection and rescue training

Competency cards for the safe operation of scissor lifts and 85-foot condors

Competency cards for all terrain Zoom Booms

Inspection of chain hoist motors

Workplace hazardous materials information system

Over 85-foot condor (Super Boom)

Competency cards for safe operation of forklifts; classes I, IV, V, VII

Our projects

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